Saturday, July 12, 2008

Chapter 187 - Up, Up and Away

Price hike.. inflation is about to double in near future. 6% going to 12%... this only mean, we can expect increase in overall price of goods and services. OMG! this gonna be sucks! for a middle-class earner like me, i really need to be cautious with my spending. the retraction of fuel subsidy make it even worse for me (for everyone else). RM 30 can only give me 11.111 litre. even with that, i didn't moan. i understood that eventually the government 'will' have to withdraw the subsidy, but I didn't expect in such manner (sekaligus dia cantas...). with the increase of fuel, what will happen murid2?..... Ya... harga barang akan naik. remember the time sepeket tepung naik 20 sen, harga roti canai pon sama naik 20 sen. ada sesetengah tmpt naik 30 sen. padahal sepeket tepung buleh buat berkeping2 roti canai. and we also might not realize this, we used to pay 50 cent for nasi lemak.. nowadays, kita dah terbiasa bayar RM2 untuk sebungkus nasi lemak. cinonet lak tu.

honestly speaking (from my financial understanding), there's no need for service or goods providers to increase the price. it is what we call as ignorance. the race to become rich eventually affects others and it is as if guilt-free to them. i won't totally blame the idea to become rich, but do not be too ignorance and greedy, you'll end up swallowing what you spit. kalau anak bangsa kaya, kita pon bahagia. kaya mereka, jangan la sesekali lupa membayar zakat. sama2 tolong anak bangsa yang miskin. french people have an exotic dish called escargot, but i watched TV3's Bersamamu, the poor in our country also have escargot. xyah pegi jauh2, kutip depan umah. siap menitis lagi air mata si Rosyam Nor. tengok je, halangnye tidak. need to sell the poverty and make it real on TV.

i love the idea of government subsidizing installation of NGV system to government servants. that way, more than 40% can be saved due to the shifting petrol users to the NGV gas, and we, the petrol user will benefit from the petrol subsidy. cutting minister's allowance? that's bull. nothing gonna change from that. even if the arguement is to let them taste the bitterness of fuel price hike, they still get free petrol.. which is allocated for them. cut the allowance in a respond to 'kempen jimat cermat'. that's fair then. Khalifah2 zaman khulafak ar-Rasyidin x dpt gaji pon, x mintak pon allocation utk elaun. hidup masih lagi dipelihara Allah, dunia dan akhirat.

one more thing. newly grad or even not so newly grad prefers working as gov servant for security reasons. with unpredict retranchment in private sector, the idea to sit in a safe net is not a bad idea after all. no offence ya. but perception over civil servant are not that great compared to those working in private sector. we're talking about work quality and a bit of ethic here. this because, people think that gov loves to help and hire just anyone. again, no offence. it also true what... i respect the vision to lower the unemployment rate. but, that ladies and gents, affects me. gov should consider to raise the salary of civil servant. a lucrative pay will attract people to work with them, including me. this also will increase the competitiveness of overall participation of applicants. workers are then looking forward to hop in into gov sector, and with less attraction to the private sector, they'll definitely increase the salary so people will work with them. then my 'gaji' also naik. gov also get a quality servant. win-win situation. everyone happy...



Ammar Abd Halim said...

yea..salary increment event..again..sellers will take advantage "again" on that. Price also will naik..remember,the last increment tht gov did. There's no escape to avoid goods/oil hike..the best way, back to the old century..I'm riding a horse to work!!!

.: RUFAI :. said...

yeay cant wait to see ammar riding a horse to work...n to class cute...hihi...


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