Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Chapter 195 - Amazingly Lazy

i've been amazingly lazy these past few weeks. though the thesis deadline is coming right up, i'm not prepared at all. no kidding. i've always tell myself to take it easy. there's always tomorrow, and by that, we call procrastinate. i dont think the magical escape i did during my final year project last year would happen again..or would it? who knows.. to tell you the truth, i only took 2 weeks to complete my FYP. it was 2 weeks of full-force mode. i hate it, but somehow i love the intensity. though i was blasted during my viva, i managed to 'houdini' myself. my friend told me to throw jargons at the examiner, which i could not try as the examiner is a jargon wall. or maybe she woke up on the wrong side of the bed that morning. luckily, my supervisor kindly enough to passed me the FYP. she's an angel. what's her name again..?

things i noticed during the viva, students are more tend to kiss-ass lecturer through candies and sweets on their table. if i'm a lecturer, i fancied hersheys, kit kat and ferrero rocher.. and not some cheap-20-cents-for-4 sweets. i'll fail immedietly those who put cheap candies on their table.

Time again proving that i'm a foe, not a friend. i'm 25 this year and most of my friends at this age are stable monetarily or building a mosque. by the way, there is a saying in Islam, "membina Masjid" which means kawen or married. because marriage is as holy as building a mosque. i remembered the joke i made with my friends when i first heard of it; which is "membina badan didalam masjid". though it does not sound funny when you read it (and also it's not a very good thing to make joke out of it), but at that time we'd laugh so hard. The cab driver must be thinking, "Gilo apo budak2 ni..". Memang kami gilo.

As for now, I'm making a so-so paycheck which is good only for myself. dapat la hulur sikit kat mak ayah. but, it's not that satisfying to tell you the truth. i have hunger for being boros eventhough i developed a self-straining habit. maybe the sanity comes with age (it's not true for some though). Then how the hell i'm going to get the CEO's paycheck? there are 2 ways.
1 - Be the CEO
2 - Kill the CEO so when you're not getting it, he's/she's not getting it (not answering the question)
I can always try to job-hop. it's a good practice by the way. some suggest to job-hop every two years. it's a common contract duration for a servant. surely your future company will offer something better or your current company will counter-offer with a better offer. play tug-of-war once a while with your HR. make worth of what your company paid them for.
I really like to try my luck working overseas. in Dubai they said you can rake a lot of cash working there. in UK with their high value Pound Sterling. but, to think again, it's hard for me to leave KL for an amount of time. It's hard to miss basketball with buddies, CoH/Dota with my fellow noobies, mom's cooking, mom's armpit, low yat's tech heaven... so lot more..

ah~~ i love ending my post with hanging statement or non-conclusive topic.


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