Sunday, April 20, 2008

Chapter 176 - My Bad...

For the past week, i was in a SAN storage training, preparing myself for Math exam, busting my ass doing take home exam and term paper review. So friggin tired. Plus, after my math exam, we played 2 hours of futsal. aint that crazy? even it was yesterday, i still feel exhausted. my leg sored. my mind can't process well. soo tired.

Anyway, during my 3 days of training, something happened that made me feel guilty up until now. let me briefly descibe to u about the training 1st. the instructor is an indonesian fella and the attendees were 4 person which 3 of us from my company (<-- cewah.. bila lak jadi company aku) and one from another company, whom an indian lady, or miss 'P'. the training was all about storage area network, or networked storage. How to configure this and that, installing and managing the storage. learn about the related devices, how to clustering, segmenting and a bit about cabling. ok, enough with the training content, now, to the interesting part. brunch and tea break are provided. as for lunch, the instructor will take us out for lunch on his own account. the very 1st day, he brought us to a 'nasi padang' restaurant. tau la nasi padang, style hidang berpinggan2 lauk atas meja sampai xcukup tempat. since Miss P is a bit sensitive to the food whereas she can't have any meat (for religious reason), she tend to questioned any unfamiliar dishes. so she asked us about one of the dishes. i told her that, it's a chicken. well, it looks like one. anyway, she took it and ate it. then, after we had our dessert, she again try to reconfirm... the trainer told that, it is a brain.. "what brain?", she asked. we went on silent mode. i looked at colleague 1, he looked at me... then i looked at colleague 2, she looked back. the loop process of guilt stares continued between us for a minute... the day after that, colleague 1 asked her about yesterday's incident. Guess what she told us, "tak sengaja maaa..". hahahaah... funny, but above that, i felt a bit guilty. lucky for me she didn't come back the day after that and shove me with pork.

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