Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Chapter 182 - Serious Doubt

"It's harder to forgive the right, then to forgive the wrong" - Dumbledore. Quoted by the white beard dude in the Harry Potter series. He's suppose to be more ass-kicking in both books and in the movie, but he's a bit wimpy thanks to J.K Rowling. Talking about too kind; the type of kind that farts lollipop and pony. So, OK, he's not real and dead by the way (in Book 5, if i'm not mistaken). Boo-Hoo for the spoiler (<-- for those who didn't read the series). Anyway, i watched Iron Man last week. It's awesome! The technology, the AI, the cars... mostly the technology stuff. This is one of the superhero without the superpower besides Batman and Daredevil. EVEN without superpower, he is gifted with the geniusity of producing destructive weapons and also robots with intriguing AI. Compared to the names above, for example Daredevil... he is blind, yet have this superhearing ability that helps him projecting what he's hearing.. wow.. that is boring. and I dont know if that's count as a superhero. Who cares if you can hear and visualize a cat shitting hundred of metres away and yet you cannot see one in front of you, and you step on it. Nice going there Daredevil!

Batman is the biggest superhero-loser of all. he doesnt have supersight, superhearing nor superstrength. he's just a rich guy who happened to live in a mansion that have an underground cave with a butler whom never aged (except recently). oh yeah, he got this bat-suit, bat-mobile and bad childhood memory. nothing more than that. he relies on his gadget to beat the bad guy... if a bad guy jump over me and i beat the crap out of him with my belt or my Motorola V3X, then i'm definitely on par with Batman or I can say that Batman's the one on par with us. Gadget used.... checked.

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