Saturday, May 03, 2008

Chapter 179 - Revenge Is A Sweet Motivation

3 days to go for Manchester United to embrace the League Champion. It's up to them and also luck. Wigan will not be easily steamrolled or easily giving the way to United. They will be a pain in the United's ass and also United supporters' ass. who knows the drama folds into a nightmare as United lost and Chelsea grab the 1st place. or who knows if United win and Chelsea lose with Drogba got sniped in the head, Ballack died from heart attack and Cech get another blow to the head and die instantly... who knows la.... Then the week after that come the final of Champions League. In Moscow it is... kalau ada Pintu suka hati dari doremon, boleh juga pegi tgk match. tapi sah2 doremon x wujud, apatah lagi pintu suka hati. Pintu ke alam barzakh ada la.. bukak pintu rooftop kat office anda bekerja, dan lompat dari bumbung ofis anda. sape2 keje ngan Petronas tu lagi bagus. Back to the main topic, i still believe in United. They can do the double. Member aku ckp yg dia x berapa suka ngan MU sbb derang ni suka boasting. Not boasting la sayang... that's confident's boast. they have to and should be. they're among the best in the business by the way. Also, Ferguson is the humblest manager of all. he always give compliment to the opponent, may it be their arch rival or some felda team. Say anything you want, i'll wait until they get their double. Glory2 Man United.

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