Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chapter 185 - Sweet Pain

The moment you got hit by a paintball pellet, it's hurt. but it'll only hurts like hell after your adrenalin rush not so rushing anymore. I've got 1 bruise on my left arm, and even after 3 days of my miniature war between my classmates, the lebam is still there. it is as big as my knuckle with a blue-ish and green-ish color. can you believe it....? neither do i, but it is real... Overall, it was fun, and i like to do it some other time. Killing people is everyone's fantasy... well at least mine. and you definitely cannot shoot somebody with a real gun in the real world. also applied to knife and throwing star. it's a big NO and it's a common sense, just like the common sense where Argentina is not going to participate in any EURO tournament...EVER!! please correct your senses, guys (yeah..there are more than 1 person). anyway, first time playing, i already went guerilla style. but lack of support leads to my death. teaming with girl gives you pros and cons. but it's going to be all cons when the girl has her husband in the opposite team. Go figure...

One of the memorable moment, besides losing 3 games in a row and only snatched 1 win, were shooting directly at someone's jock. Oh.. and also shooting at my friend's leg 3 times even after he admit being shot to the marshall. that's like illegal, but i did it anyway because the pellet didn't pop, and i kept shooting until it popped. good for him the pellet popped the third time. else, he might need to amputate his leg. hahahaha...

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