Monday, September 22, 2008

Chapter 196 - Which? Dou Ka Na..

Will you sacrifice your love for your future?
My love is my future...cewah. but future brings new love. ahaha..

i've read a lot of blog consists of questions pick up from somewhere and entertain themselves and their readers with the answers. I really want to do it, but i don't like to be look as a copycat. so, i'll do it later, when not so many people doing it.

I almost hit the 200 posts mark. It's been a wonderful 3 years. I've changed my writing style a lot. i varied most of them so that i will not reveal my personality. hehehe... ada my friend yang buat blog meleleh dari mula sampai sekarang... so, mmg dah dikecam yang dia ni mat leleh. ada yang jenis hentam sana, hentam sini.. diri sendiri saje betul; jenis yang lawak dibaca tapi malas utk didekati. ada yang buat blog teknikal (dari ilmu IT sampai la kepada resipi masakan)... ada yang buat blog lucu, tapi kadang2 xlucu.. ada yang buat blog serius, tapi lawak gile. so, there are various style of blogging. one thing i didn't try is posting something technical. maybe in few post from now i will..

I just finished watching few Japanese and Korean movies. they really good at blending love and death in a movie. more saddist, more better. eventhough it is sad, but i cant find myself to cry. buat2 kelip mata pon xnak kuar air mata (nk try feeling movie, kang dikata hati kering pulak) but, that's not all the beauty of it. i love the cinematography......and the cute actresses. also, i seldom find new wisdom from the lines.

"You know that you love her when you think of her first thing in the morning, you know that you love her if you think of her when you're down"

but i like this most,

"with misfortune comes opportunity"

simple yet meaningful.

6 days to Raya... I'm eligible enough to give out duit raya this year. sigh~ bertuah anak2 sedara aku ada uncle yg best mcm aku. kepada kawan2 terdekat apatah lagi yang jauh, toksah ngado2 nk mintak.



thoyol said...


putus cinta ke bang?? Haha..
Aku tak peduli. Nak duit raya jugak..


bojan budak budak lagi said...

aku pun nak duit raya gak..tak hook or by me the money apai..

Ammar Abd Halim said...

uncle...bile nak bg duit raya??

Ekinabby said...

abe..nak duit raya gaks...

love ur new hairstyle...

Anonymous said...


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