Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Chapter 181 - Enlightment

What's more hateful than work? MORE WORKS. there will be time when you enjoy doing work, and time when you bitched about your work. This is surely the later part. don't worry, i wont bore u with more work complaint. otherwise, this blog will become a 'work-complaint' blog. it'll be depressing for my readers and might cause some of my readers to jump off their apartment roof, or swallow dozens of sleeping pills due to depress-ness. i don't want that to happen. i love my readers as much as i love my cat. my cat died by the way.... from starvation.

What's more hateful than a backstabber? MORE BACKSTABBERS. what should we do to the backstabber? yeah... we stab them... in their back. how irony is that?

next week i'll be going to Tioman with my classmates. i hope it's worth the money which i didn't pay yet. Bye Bye traffic jam... aloha shorts, sunblock and topless beach. just kidding, there's no topless beach in M'sia.....right?

Anyway, what do you see in the picture below?
Nope, u got the wrong answer.
It looks like it, but it isn't. try again.
Give up already? Cmon try again..
I've told u. it's not what u think it is.
OK, enough.. It's a Lampria, an insect resembling a fly. what else?
Exactly! It do has a part which looks like a dangling dongle. but it is not it. and what do u call the thing above that dangling dongle then? a mutated ball? definitely a NO. it's a Lampria's abdomen.
Give it up already... it's a Lampria.



.: RUFAI :. said...

yeaay we^_^

thoyol said...

dude, you gonna enjoy the holiday. Aku pun baru balik last week. A weekend getaway. But you gonna be longing for more. Haha..

chah said...

errkk apekah?? :p

sEr|OuSLy {aPai} said...

my young padawans.. i will enjoy the holiday. i will.

管理人 said...


chah said...

hapdet2.. any bedey party? (or parties?) hehe

chah said...

lampria sebenar.. looks nothing like the dodgy lukisan :p hehe

Anonymous said...


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