Monday, December 29, 2008

Chapter 208 - New Year

Buying a toy for children is not as easy as it looks. i went to Alamanda to buy 2 presents for my precious nephews last friday, and i spent almost an hour browsing for it. i've got 2 nephews; one is 3 y.o and the other one just turned 1. i was thinking buying a drum set for the 3 y.o, but on second thought, i would not want to sacrifice my sleep and serene moment when i'm at home. i can imagine the boy jamming the drum set from dusk till tomorrow's dusk. the happiness of others at the expense of my own happiness? that is just outrages. in the end, i bought a d.i.y train for the 3 y.o and this boxy thingy for the 1 y.o. personally, i enjoyed the boxy thingy than the train. maybe its because of the colors and the cloth materials.

well, just as i thought things will going as i planned, my aunt gave the 3 y.o a guitar. an electric guitar for children with colorful buttons and annoying sounds. Damn.

Happy New Year 1430 and 2009!!! May we are blessed for the years coming.

still with the toy story.. how to spice-up a toy-shop?

by arranging a toy on top of another.

giler horny babi tu..

next question.. how to double the spice?

by arranging another toy on top of another which on top of another..

spread the love....

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