Saturday, December 13, 2008

Chapter 207 - Snore

Mid-life crisis hits early. unless if i only get to live until 50, then it is right on schedule.

i'd promised myself that things are going to change this coming years. taking everything with utmost responsibility. trying to commit and finish things i'd left out. well, it sounds to everyone like... adulthood. yeah.. it is. i kinda forgot to pick that up when i was 20. so, there are a lot of catching up to do.

i've uploaded new songs. well, this is interesting because, i dunno how's the license or copyright shit works, but i had this feeling that posting up other people songs is illegal. in their defence (or in their lawsuit statement), it's their sweat-quenching-hardwork-crap to get inspired, write, record and publish the song, but in the end, i just ripped it and post it in here. sounds unfair, but when i think thoroughly, the purpose of me to allow visitors to stream the songs is no much different with publicizing the song and its singer through TV or radio. therefore, even if it is illegal, then it would be like "illegal but... morally and ethically justified" (Please do the two-finger two-hand gesture while reading the bolded statement, thank you). it's like i'm doing a favor to the singers, and so... in return, it is in my best interest that the singers or their label does not sue me. so thanks in advance, and i'll gladly continue to rip your songs and publicize it in this blog.

tonight i'll be going to a farewell dinner. and suprisingly they put on a theme for that particular event; 'The 60's Night'. And ever since i got this invitation 10 minutes ago, i don't feel like dressing up in 60's eventhough i'm going. now, how i can refuse a free dinner when there is only RM50 altogether in my wallet and bank? seriously, i'm not joking. well, i still think that there are somebody as cool as me coming to the dinner without putting on the Austin Power-like velvet shirt and outwear. i still gonna look cool in my boxer anyway.

so, RM50 with 7 days to go. not so shabby, i guess i can live throught it. weekends at mom's aint gonna cost me a cent. so that left me with 5 days. i filled up RM30 of petrol yesterday, and i think it gonna last until next tuesday at least. bought myself rations that'll last until friday. so that left me 3 days to spent the RM30 (minus the petrol on Tuesday); or i just can keep it to be on the safer side, in case somebody suddenly want to buy new rims for his new Jaguar. Ooppss..

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