Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Chapter 186 - Connected

some people cannot live without food. some cannot without water. oh wait, i guess it applied to all being. anyway, some cannot live without handphone... as for geek-but-no-ordinary-geek-as-if-a-cool-geek like me, i cannot live without internet. i fell in love with the internet at the first sight. thanks to whoever invent the internet. just to let you know, internet was invented by american out of war exigency (i'm not sure whether they did invent it or steal it.. just look at how many ideas/inventions they stole from muslim scholars). they need a mechanism to transport information about targets, logistic, enemy sighting, etc. among their divisions without using traditional smoke, pigeon or mailman, thus internet were born. but, just what i do with the internet? how much of its existence affect my life? my routine will be:
  1. checking my online games (lunarwars, torncity, ikariam, battleknight)
  2. open and by the way, the best footbal team in the world
  3. check my google group
  4. check my emails (gmail, company mail, yahoo)
  5. surf on interesting topics from
  6. open and
  7. read comments from blog.. mcm la banyak sgt..
  8. read others' blog
  9. idle
after fulfilling my basic needs, i'll then download songs, anime or drama. depend on the mood, sometimes i just fed-up downloading, i will then stream through youtube, megavideo, youku or whatever stream channel available.

Anyway, currently i'm spending my weekdays in PD. my work site, my new home for at least another year. the place i'm working at doesn't have internet connectivity, so i'm kinda bored to death. luckily my works kills my time. but during night time, it's a different story. living alone in an apartment, with no internet, nor satellite TV, i'm feeling slumpy. nk keluar tapi xde duit. i'd spent my paycheck on my tuition fees. so, i'm kinda tight now. harga minyak pon dah naik, nak kluar jalan2 kena pikir 2-3 kali. so, i stayed home. boring. sleeping. i'll try to ask my boss this week to approve the company to endorse celcom broadband to me. i need my internet.. at least for my study. (yea rite...). finger cross for approval... or i'll cross my boss' finger.



chah said...

nice new layout..

Ammar Abd Halim said...

layout slow bangat nak load..arhhh..what?? celcom?..whats that? ahah... ~~!

bojan said...

cakap kat ammar maxis sucks..
eh wait a minute..i just
tp layout baru ko mmg lagi best..dulu cam *tut* je..hahaha

sEr|OuSLy {aPai} said...

ahaha..tengok tuan la.. neway, with CELCOM, the power is in your hand!

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