Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Chapter 190 - Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu

Goodbye HP Compaq f700, Hello Dell Inspiron 1420; my latest best buddy. 220 GB disk space, 2GB RAM, 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, on-board multimedia buttons, built-in webcam, bluetooth features... what else yg xde? my stint with HP didn't last long as I was asked by the boss to return it. New company policy to lease new laptop for some determined period of time. Reason? No excessive cost to buy new laptop, hassle to dispose the old one and also the privilege of not being left out by new technologies. It's crazy to catch up with the technology. it's a never-ending battle. one might ask, is there a time when technology can never evolve anymore? the time when inventors can never invent no more? honestly, i don't know. but as far as i believe, the knowledge accumulated from the prehistoric ages, or way beyond that until now.. is just a tip of a humongous iceberg. Milik Tuhan dan kita hanya minta dirahmati kebijaksanaan dgn ketentuanNya.

===SubEntrance (mengarut)===
boku wa dame. shit happens as it made me felt useless, powerless and whatever 'less' you can think of. terpengaruh dgn Honey n Clover, nk saje aku kayuh basikal pusing satu malaya. just keep pedalling until I find the meaning of the embarked journey. bukan sebab Hagu-chan suka kat Morita-san. but to think of it, that might trigger the self-finding journey. cuma sekarang ni sebok commit dgn kerja. sometimes I sacrifice things for my own private space; and of course to be misunderstood by some because of that. best thing to do is to do nothing..

bulan depan bulan puasa. at least before that nk kena gi jalan2-kalau-terjumpa-hantu-kira-nasib-la... ikut kata crew leader la, the honorary Mr Q. baek cepat, kang bulan puasa bukan saje jin dan setan kena tambat... silap2 aku pon kena. T_T

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