Thursday, December 04, 2008

Chapter 205 - Man With Mission

Comes December. i had 25 Decembers so far, and somehow both emotions of hate and love mixes together. ends of something hateful, and the beginning of another. years gone by, yet i felt nothing gained; except for my weight. sucks. wait, there might be something though...

last December > alive
this December > limbs intact
= Alhamdulillah

last December > working as a temp
this December > working on a contract
= increase workload for few extra grains

last December > PlayStation 2
this December > PlayStation 3
= works and no play makes Jack a dull boy

last December > Single
this December > Single and miserable
= no comment

last December > Degree
this December > Still Degree
= Thesis sucks!

last December > Mom's Iswara
this December > Still...
= loser, but not for long

last December > going nowhere
this December > definitely going somewhere
= at least gonna keep my mind on something else

last December > 24
this December > 25
= creeping deadline

definitely, i'll do my best next year. awaiting verdict on next December.


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