Thursday, July 17, 2008

Chapter 188 - Rebound

Recently, Cocoro is doing very well. Although i've been out of action for 2 years now, i'm still part of the team...doing minor coaching and stuff. we're now participating in NCBL and MBCUP tourneys, and doing great in for now. the best achievement was 3rd place in the NCBL 3 years ago, and we're aiming to be at least in 2nd place this year. ambitious? yea.. realistically we have the arsenal to do so. same goes to MBCUP. previous run weren't that good. but so far so good. over these past few years, Cocoro produced/discovered pretty good talents in basketball. some stayed, some went to other team and promised to come home, but yet to come home. heh. anyway, we're really proud of what we're having now. from scratch, we built this team, and now, it can stand as tall as any other well-known teams in the scene. non-chinese basketball scene btw. credit to Padil, me (ececece) n Qayyum (hins..hins). jgn kembang lebih2 Qayyum. Pa xpe.. dia buta internet, definitely dia x baca blog aku.

by any chance sape yg baca blog aku dan teringin nk sponsor, drop me a message. next year punya slot ada saje. and if you guys nk tau pasal tournament, every sunday at Batu 11, Balakong/Cheras for NCBL. MBCUP lak until 22 July ni. Next game will be on Saturday, 3pm. U R welcomed to come and support us.


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