Thursday, October 16, 2008

Chapter 199 - Kingdom Come

My condolences to a friend who lost his mother recently. I dunno how he treat his mother, but i think, i'm not a very good son. sigh.. we only appreciate things when we lost it. a human being is not a thing, but the wisdom serves all. I'm lucky to have my mom around. she's in her 60's now. i prayed hard for her health and promised to be a better son. we all should...

30 days of syawal, 8 days of saturdays and sundays, numbers of open hse invitations on weekends, berkilo2 of calories from rendang, sate, etc etc. consumed... i'm getting fatter and fatter every second. sighing wouldn't bore any result. but i guess, it's not my problem alone, a lot of guys out there having hard time keeping down their crave. i'm thinking of repeating the glorious era 10 years ago.. of course with huge efforts and patience. i've read that it's not about willpower, but more to a spur of a moment. like saying no to the rubbish waiter at a restaurant. more over, I need to say NO to the small satanic voice in my head, and take care of my body. we all should...

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