Monday, October 20, 2008

Chapter 200 - Milestone

celebrating 200th post. yeay.. my blog also old, sama mcm tuan dia.. uhuk2... jap, lemme fire up the mercun..

that sucks..

this week might be the most un-productive week ever. things are undone. shit happened. but looking on the bright side, i got to step back from everything for a while. really, what happened was i got this nasty eye infection. it god reddish with this uncomfortable feeling.. make we wanna rub it, but i know if i rub it, it'll make it worse. it's like having a devil eye.. with the blood arteries or vena or whatever they called it visible on my eyeball (i was just thinking of using the word popping instead of visible, but that just sound awful and riddiculous.. because otherwise, i'm dead already). i'm feeling a bit better now since i've put on the eye-drop and the ointment. dont worry, i dont think it is infectious. how do i know it?.. ive been around my family these past few days, and nobody infected.. but who knows.. 28 days later. or 28 weeks later... why 28? i just using the movies' name, idiot. anyway, i've got to wear black shade even in my house and it's cool. at least i'm looking good even when i'm sick.

recently, i've been fighting with my 3 years old nephew over who can use my laptop. can you believe it? MY laptop... that little piece of critter just kept bugging me. it's true that at this age, kids absorb things like a sponge in a bucket of water. so i'm very particular with my words and actions. but it's fun to see him not getting things he wanted. call me a bully or whatever, he's still need to do better than kissing my cheek and pleading "apai, nak main game please...". hey, I'm just doing my job as an uncle... He learnt how to open the computer game by watching me did it once, he also already know how to open Company of Heroes. i guess by 5, he can join me and buddies to play CoH. hahaha.. this computer game he loves to play is called Purble Place. Lucky they didnt name it as Pubic Place. funny, i noticed something.

we are taught to follow rules since we can remember. like purble place. my nephew is good at it. what i can say... it's a children game; it's not a rocket-science game. you need to put up a cake as what the customer wanted, starting from deciding the shape of the cake, then the type of chiffon, the color of the icing and lastly putting some decorations on top of it. the whole interface is nice, colorful and bright.. enough to attract kids..and me... the catch is, to win the game is by preparing a cake which is exactly as what your customer wanted. if you fail to do so, then this weird animated cartoon as the bakery's owner will give you a good scolding. Isn't this restraining one mind's creativity. kids should not be teach to be bound by the rules. who cares what type of decorations, what shape of the cake, or even the flavor of the icing.. let them run wild in their imagination. i may sound ridiculous, but bear with me for a while.

"get a good grade, and you'll get a good job with good paycheck". that sucks. because people with bad grade cannot achieve something in this world. is it proven? not entirely. instead of putting this kind of crap in your kids' brain, you should teach them the value of money. teach them how to play with money and throw away skeptical and negativity. but.. yes, there's a but. but, education also important. it'll pretty much stimulate the chances and open door to the new possibilities. I might sound like Robert T Kiyosaki. because i just finished reading his book. poyo kan aku?

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