Saturday, April 26, 2008

Chapter 177 - Indie.. Me?

So ok... i was bit late on pressing the submit button. actually, my previous post was initiated last week. but, i put on hold couple of time because of the dispersion of mood during the process of rambling my thoughts into words. happened a lot of time. so, now i'm in a mood to post something. hopefully, i'll submit straight away..

first of all, gimme a round of applause as i finally managed to see through my 2nd semester. though the results aren't out just yet, i dont care! but i was bit anxious to get my result actually. if before i care less, but now i think i need to at least pass this semester. i dont want any 'lepas bersyarat' though i feared it might happen this semester. why i think it might? because i sucked at my math test. seriously dude... most horrible score i got in my entire math history. oh wait, i did get a lowest. "0" for my final exam during my study in UTMKL. yep... i thought i post it before, but heck, lemme re-iterate it. it is as easy as 'i was cleaning my fish pond during the xm'. and none of my friend call me to at least show some concern over why i didnt come. i remembered one asked me the day after, when i came to take the imaginary math xm. "ko x dtg ke xm smlm?".. yeah.. thanks for the delayed concern. it helped a lot. so...... i'm looking forward to get my father's reaction over my result this semester. last one didnt make him very2 happy though i thought the otherwise. i was disappointed at first, but later it just stop bugging me. oh, If you're praying, mind to put my name in the success list. thanks.

next week, the whole staff in my company will be going to Hong Kong for 3 days. paid trip by the company. as the 4 of us (the newbies) will not be going as we' it's ok. it is understandable la.. if u work for 2 months and suddenly paid to go for holiday; overseas somemore... surely the applicants are like crazy. sape xnak keje cenggitu. so, the holiday is more like an incentive over their hard work during the year 2007. So, any of those yg pegi, i wish u guys happy holiday!


Ammar Abd Halim said...

fish pond urban legend..*sighs*..
happy holiday bro, see u next sem..~(err..too exaggerating..i mean see you in YM later)..

thoyol said...

ceh, rasakan ko.. Pembalasan malas balas SMS. Lalala..
Kejam kan aku.. Haha..

aPai said...

Ouch... ko mmg kejam Q.

.: RUFAI :. said...

hee...hepi working day...:p

bojan kacak said...

yo apai..happy mothers day..what? wahaha

somebody said...


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