Thursday, August 28, 2008

Chapter 193 - Teaching

===Entry terlajak===

last night
i went back to KL to join the rest of the Cocorians for our annual dinner. started off as our winning celebration 2 years ago (won the 3rd place), it has become our annual event even though we're not winning (including this year). it's good for the team atmosphere and also to tie up players (hehehe, jgn ngado2 nak blah, dah bagi makan nih..). This year, we went to something-something-Al-Khaleeg. Kedai makanan Arab somewhere around in Ampang. I was there early as I took off from PD bit early. I sms Pa asking him the place. he replied, "Kedai Arab". Bengong. Not helping at all, though its funny. I went around the block, and found that there are 5-6 kedai makanan Arab. I waited a bit until they arrived. Anyway, makan x ingat. kitorang dalam 13 orang, makan 4 dulang nasi. i'm talking about 4 dulang penuh ngan nasi dan lauk (kambing/ayam). awal2 tu dia hantar ayam ngan roti nan, masing2 rakus makan... padahal main course xsampai lagi. bila nasi smpai, tahap kerakusan tu masih xhilang. mcm tgk animal planet pon ada, dokumentari kelompok singa meratah rusa. makan punya makan, last2 tinggal 1 dulang xabih, tapau bawak balik. in the end, it proved that we're still human afterall. hehehe.

I remembered my Symantec trainer told me once about this story. it's a story of his friend. a friend's friend's story. which mean if you read this, it'll become a friend's friend's friend's story. and if your friend read this, it'll become a friend's friend's friend's friend's story.. and if your frie... owh. cut the crap already.
well, his friend is an IT support for a well-known PC manufacturer. one day, he got call from a client complaining about how her text cursor suddenly move on its own. the browser suddenly gone mad; as she surf the net, letters were typed in into the text box. same thing happens when she viewing a document or a spreadsheet. she said that the PC may gone haywire. his first impression would be an I/O malfunction, assuming it's the keyboard. he also didn't rule out that it may be a foul-play by a ghost. So, he went to the site to see what's happening. he tried opening the web browser and also Words, but no such things happened. the lady still believe that there's something wrong with the PC. so she took over and tried to show him her usual routine. just as she lean a bit toward the LCD monitor, it happened. really true. the lady was telling him the truth. "See, i've told you", she said while looking at him. he looked back at her and saw something. something that she didn't aware of. "M'am, your boobs on the keyboard".

Guess what, same thing happened here in my site. unfortunately, i don't have the guts to tell her that her breast on the keyboard.



chah said...


*rolling on the floor*

kisah benar ke ni? shame shame.. but it really is funny.. haha

bojan said... big is it?
kes kes kes

thoyol said...

uh, i heard something knocking under your table..


sEr|OuSLy {aPai} said...

- yup, true story. i just told the lady that the problem is the keyboard.

-Big? dunno la.. but big enough to mess up with the keyboard.


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