Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Chapter 194 - Hitori

Again... another session of one-sided lecture.. while he is talking in front, we're chatting at back. supposely i'm going to break-fast with my friends today. also to celebrate aai's besday. but i realized today is the Man U matchday. how could I miss that? no way man.... plus, my mom called requested me to break-fast at home, since nobody at home. It's debut match for Berbatov. but what i'm interested is not Berbatov, instead Rene Maulensteen, the new assistant for Alex ferguson. he got a big shoe to fill in, it was Carlos Queroz's by the way.

Sucks... Man U lost 2-1 to Liverpool. Sloppy play from United to be blamed on. Just after that, i went to play Company of heroes with my buddies. Dah ketagih lak.. since the day after is Sunday, i took the liberty to stay up late and play to my heart content. at least until my mom called...erk...
I had planned today, which is berbuka pose with my Masters' classmates. venue is at Nelayan, Titiwangsa. last time i was there was around 2-3 years ago. Now the place is like, humongus. i think there were about thousands of people berbuka there. i hate crowded places. and by the way, not the best place to brbuka. air pon kena beli asing... yep, u heard me right.. air bukan percuma... so far, i went to 3 places to berbuka this Ramadhan.
1 - Vistana Hotel
2 - J.W Marriot Putrajaya

3 - Nelayan, titiwangsa

I rate them as above. why i chose Vistana over Marriot? easy. Value wise goes to Vistana, while Marriot is so big, soo many cuisines, soo many foods. u can't test them all. and it's sucks. although the lamb is irresistable.

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