Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Chapter 157 - No Meaning

i was at my desk. doing my job, then my phone vibrated, check the mailbox and read 1 new message. it sound like this...

"fairuz we r done."

i was confused for a moment. who's breaking up with me? which girl? (<-- cewah..macam playboy pulak). Ya girlfriend then should be no break up right? i waited some more. then another sms coming in.

"Exam done"

i laughed. she's the one from the Test Center. usually after the trainees' exam, i'll be going to pick up their results. Damn. she gave me a chill for a moment. i went there and told her about the sms. we laughed at it. Anyway, today got 1 fail. quite bad for an easy exam. (<-- senang ke? Adeh...aku dulu pakai toyol boleh la). last monday quite historic. 3 out of 43 passed the Java Exam. Others' U ada yg semua student fail. at least we got 3 pass. Tapi surely yg ada cert dalam Java akan terjual macam goreng pisang panas. I know... i was digging around for new job in Star. Most of the IT or non-IT companies looking for programmers. JAVA is a must. Cert is a bonus and able to get them extra $$ in their salary. Ah... i wont look for programmer post. m.a.l.a.s

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