Saturday, June 16, 2007

Chapter 134 - I Don't Believe

What the hell... i never heard of a car's grace period. It's like a 'pantang' after giving birth.

The story began when my sister crashed the Iswara into some longkang and because of my mom don't have any car to move around, my dad bought new MyV and put my sister's name on it. So, basically the car is my sister's. Damn! I crashed the same Iswara many years before, all i got was a smack, now she wreck the car, then suddenly she got a new one. So....back to the story. Yesterday the day i got my hand on the new car. Drove to my aunt's place at PJ, and just minutes of driving, my sister told me that i shouldn't go beyond 80 kmph until it reach 1000 km mileage. Grace Period she said. Bull-crap I said. What the hell with that? Why the car need to be warm-up until 1000 km? why 1000 km? you know how long will that take, with average mileage is 2 km per day. you do the math... As far as i remembered, the time we got the kancil, my brother tekan sampai 140 kmph, the car still fine until now what...... So, my point is, there's no such thing as car's grace period. not in earth and not in neverland.

Syabas to SYABAS (sykt bekalan air selangor) for not only provide us with clean water, but also menjahanamkan jalanraya. The holes, jalan x rata and pecah sana-pecah sini....all worth it. Especially at Sentul, infront of Kg Badak hape ntah.. Everytime i passed through that impaired road, i'll never miss to said, "**** SYABAS!! ****** macam ******!". But when i think about SYABAS yang menyalurkan air ke setiap isi rumah di Selangor eventhough ada gangguan once in a while... it's just worth it... I think to commemorate this, SYABAS should change their name to SYABASDPJR.... Syarikat bekalan air selangor dan penjahanam jalan raya....

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