Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Chapter 135 - Sub-Finale

Damn! i'm experiencing hard disk problem. Funny thing is, when it happen to us, then you are pretty much bother by it. Kalau sebelum tu orang lain experiencing same problem, haram tamau amik tau. Actually, xdela sampai x amik tau, just doesn't bother to figure out the solution. Well, my beloved extended partitions is corrupt and unreadable. Again... DAMN! 120GB of space, not to mention the isi kandungan of the 2 partitions which is sooo much valuable to me. Some of it contain 2-3 years of download materials. Pictures of this and that. Installer... and so much more....

Well... i found this trial software. The demo will only allow you to view the sectors of that particular partition, but unallow you to recover them. I found that the sectors are still intact. Thank God! but, as i said... cannot recover. the software gonna cost me $49. yeah.. in $. Actual figure... times 3.5. You do the math... in the mean time, i'm gonna look for a freeware. Yep, found one, but x brani nak guna.... Mau kena carik bahan experiment nih... Apis..mana pc ko?? Keh3..

So orait..enuff with my problem. I figure i can do some summarizing of series i'm watching.

Ep 23 - x tgk lagi. Ada dlm DVD...malas nak bukak.

Prison Break
Ep 22 - pon x tgk lagi... ada dlm partition yg corrupt tuh

Ep 22 - Sam's dead rite? No worries... Dean made a deal with a demon which trade his life for Sam's. Dean got 1 year left to live. The yellow-eye demon succesfully open up the hell's gate with the help of another fella (the one yg bunuh Sam) using the sacred gun.. Yep, it's not just a gun that can kill the yellow-eye demon, but also a key to open up the gate. Somehow, the old-man Winchester (bapak heroes cerita nih) climbed up the hell and help his sons to kill the yellow-eye demon. So..next season, derang nak hunt balik demon2 yg terlepas..kot.

Ugly Betty
Ep 23 - Ignacio Suarez sangkut kat Mexico and without his knowledge, ada orang nk balas dendam kat mr Suarez for what he did some many2 years ago.. Betty was on her way to airport to catch Henry (and told him that he is not the father to his GF's baby) when she received news that Hilda's fiancee dead in a shop robbery.. talking about being at the wrong place at the wrong time... Alex and her/his bro, Daniel caught in accident which was accidentally planned by Alex herself/himself. Mr Meade is getting married to Wilhamenna. Amanda found out that she's daughter of Fey Summer. Oh ya... Mrs Meade escape from prison...

Ep 22 - JD and Elliot doubt their decisions. JD think that he made a wrong decision accepting Kim and their expecting baby considering Kim lied to him about the miscarriage she didn't have. Also Elliot think that she made a mistake accepting Keith's marriage proposal. And both JD and Elliot make out to close up season 6...

Greys Anatomy
Ep 24 - Greys breaking up with Shephard. Preston Burke bail out from his wedding with Yang. Izzy confess her love to George. George's wife, Cally told Izzy that they are trying to get pregnant to shut the deal between Izzy and George. Cally's offered as chief of Residence, leaving Bailey confuse with chief's decisions. Shephard refuse the position of Chief of Surgeon. George fails the Intern exam and Alex fails to confess his love to Eva. She's already discharge.

Ep 24 - House fires Chase. Foreman still quitting and Cameron resign. As usual, House managed to 'cure' his patient. bla..bla..bla... in the end, House replace his displayed guitar with a new one, as an analogy of changes he's having. I think...

So......cannot wait maa for upcoming season..


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ngahaha..hey bro, i'd some solution for u, u know the lombong there, near our ex-house in shah alam..u'll feel relieve after u throw it away the hardisk..but be sure to backup first..haha, one more thing, dont forget to invite me on the "Throwing hardisk ceremony"..haha..

p/s: see ya in class bro~

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