Sunday, October 07, 2007

Chapter 144 - Whassup


Fasting month nearly end. As usual, it feels like a day end in eye's blink. Frustrated of emptiness. No progression and tired of daily nuisance. It's hollow to stand in the middle of others' shadows; The constant moving shadows. Feels like regressed in the radiant of sunlight and moonshine. Reality sucks when you lazy..... but.......... enough with the poetic self-depression.

Days ago, I'm having this conversation with my mom during our bukak puasa.

"pai, dah ada girlfren ke?"

silent. Thinking, if I answer "no" that quick, it'll raise suspicion even if you're telling the truth. The timing must correct.

On the right timing, I answered,


"I think you need to open up, come straight and be more sensitive"


"Oookay, now you're asking me to be gay"

It just blurted out. Funny? Nah...

This is funnier...

Yesterday, I held my cat up. Hmm, since my english nouns and vocabs are quite limited, I'll put up picture to illustrates of how I held my cat up.

yeah..pretty much like that. except, Im not that black, and it's a cat..not a dog. Jenuh aku nak samak kang. So, I was giving the expression of hugging him and he suddenly clawed behind my ear. His left hook landed on behind my right ear. Figure out the illustration yourself. Yeah, still got the scratch... then, guess what I did?

A. Hurl/fling/pitch him to the floor
B. Throws slipper at him
C. Tied him up, put 3 feets away from rear tyre, start up the engine, put gear in R, accelerate
D. Tied him up, put 3 feets away from rear tyre of a truck, ask the driver to reverse a bit
E. Answer A and B
F. None the above and do nothing, which is impossible by the way and definitely a wrong answer.. don't choose F

Well, depend on how you look at me, if you think I'm that psycopath then, choose C or D. But I say..... E. Yeah, that'll be close to nice.

I stumbled upon this picture during looking for 'man holding up cat'. First, there's no man in the picture, and I swear that 'that' is not a cat. Second, if I find this creature or somebody putting up this costume walking on my path, I swear Im gonna go for D (<-- refer the cat abuse answer set).

Done. Chao


chah said...

LOL! I figured the answer would be E.. hehe..

Slamat Hari Raya.. Maaf zahir dan batin!!

bojan said...

lol apai..
open up a lil bit..
apis was there to help..
loosen up urself man..
(apai..warning..dont look behind..)

thoyol said...

aku dah tau lama dah..
tapi aku simpan je sbb ko kawan aku..
takper, you can come out of the closet now. Dunia dah boleh menerima ko. Masih ada tempat di neraka untuk mu. Haha...

somebody said...


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