Friday, November 30, 2007

Chapter 153 - The Day After Saturday & Sunday

so there i was. waiting in front of Project Office (PO) at 8.40 am. The boss told me to come at 8.30 am. Punya kelam kabut ingat dah lambat, rupanya boss lagi lambat.'s all forgiven because aku pon lambat (<-- 10 minutes je beb) and also dia yg akan amik paycheck kat HQ. So, i was waiting for another 15 minutes. She's there, so i straight went to load the boxes of books onto the trolley because i was supposed to delivered them right before the class starts.. Man, the boxes were damn heavy. then i did the routine of checking the books and all, with a pocket knife in my right hand, i cut the cellotape confidently and ZASS (<-- dramatic sound effect), i slashed my left thumb. it was the moment of silent for me. then the blood started to gush out. nobody saw since everybody were busy with their own stuff. My boss' son kept bugging me to play with him. I reached a tissue pack on a desk and applied pressure to the wound. Soo many blood and i walked slowly to the toilet. i wasn't suppose to wash the wound actually, if im not mistaken, but i did anyway. Aritu pulak tisu toilet abis, i then sebat the tisu lap punggung (<-- it was clean by the way), and again, applying pressure to the wound. buku x anta lagi. so, i just clenched a fist with tissue covering the cut..and at the same time pushing the trolley, load the boxes into my car's bonet, unload, angkat naik those boxes sampai tingkat 3 building chemistry. then delivered the boxes to other departments. The whole time i was maki hamun the U sbb tak provide lift / elevator. Susah giler nk deliver buku. Abis kuar peluh jantan. Sio-sio den pakai baju centek2 ni ha..poluh satu badan. macam baru lopeh poe main bola la pulak. OK. tetiba lak nk ckp nogori. continue.... as there are movements with my left hand, lagi kencang darah keluar. so basically i was swapping tissue all the time. *sigh* later on the afternoon, i went to BHP and bought myself the hensoplas. a lot of them. in case.... Then, i found that i delivered the wrong set of books. ADUIH!!! tired already. but dah nama keje, has to be done. Pegi la aku terkial2 menghantar buku yg betol..macam OKU aku angkat buku2 tu. :P cuma peluh dan keringat yg menemani daku. tu belom sembang pasal trainer. i'll talk about the kerenah trainer later la... So, at the end of the day, i reflected things that happened. how careless i am, how mismanaged i am. it's all a learning process by the way. my friends kat U lain surely rilex je. but at least, i have tale to tell.
i win. (<-- nk jugak menang)...


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