Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Chapter 123 - Bald and Ugly

====Breaking News====

Last week, to be exact, on Friday, 12.30 am; Section 7 Shah Alam was shocked by the scream of a creature known as 'PakCik Botak'. Unfortunately, the writer wasn't there at the location to witness the event. From the reliable witnesses, 'PakCik Botak' suddenly attack a group of boy which at that particular time, having a good game of badminton. During the event, a passerby was lucky enough to snap a picture of this 'PakCik Botak' and send it over to the writer. Know that, this picture is rare as it always hide in it's cave, but sometimes do come out in the evening to play football with it's youngling. Pray to God that it's younglings won't turn out to be like 'PakCik Botak' when they grow up. Pray to God.....

Image of 'PakCik Botak'

It is said that 'PakCik Botak' lived nearby and frequently harrassed those young boys. But this time around, the young boys stood up and fight back. The scene started when 'PakCik Botak' came back from it boar hunting and found that the young boys were playing badminton past midnight. Fail to get any boar, and havent get laid for quite some time with it's wife makes 'PakCik Botak' agitated and easily angry. 'PakCik Botak' was seen observing those young boys for few minutes... then suddenly 'PakCik Botak' came close and ...

'PakCik Botak' : Lagi 5 minit!!
.midi : Apahal pulak lagi 5 minit....
'PakCik Botak' : Aku cakap 5 minit, 5 minit la!!!
.midi : Ah...Pedulik la. Haritu kawan ko main sampai pukul 1-2 pagi, x pulak ko halau!
'PakCik Botak' : Mana ada!! Aku dah suruh diorang berhenti.. (<-- 'PakCik Botak' tipu)
'PakCik Botak' : Ko x tau sape aku!!! Aku ketua kat sini !!
.midi : Pedulik hape aku ko sape!
'PakCik Botak' : Ko jangan nak kurang ajar, aku repot polis nanti!
.midi : Repot arr... Kitorang bukan hisap dadah! Kitorang pon ada hak... tiap2 bulan bayar maintenance fee...
'PakCik Botak' : Mana ada... tu korang bayar sewa umah je...
.midi : Kejadah! tiap2 bulan bayar 40 hinggit macam ko...
'PakCik Botak' : Mana aku tau, tu bukan tanggungjawab aku!! (<-- bukan ko ngaku ketua ke tadi? Xkan x tau...)
'PakCik Botak' : Nanti aku tutup lampu!! (<-- sambil berjalan menuju ke kotak suis)
dregern : Tutup arr kalau berani....kitorang bukak balik!
'PakCik Botak' : Aku tutup ni... (<-- x tutup2 jugak)
dregern : Tutup arr...
'PakCik Botak' masih x tutup lampu dan bergegas pergi...sambil mencarut...Bergegas ke kawan2 nya, tapi sorang pon kawan dia x datang tolong. Bangang!

Other report can be read at Apis Wicked'Pedia's blog. Remember... Wanting others to respect you, you have to respect others first. Plus... be fair and don't 'berat seblah'. and to 'PakCik Botak'.... Cari duit banyak2 pastu pegi Yun Nam Hair Care. Tanam akar rambut.


Anonymous said...

Bald and Ugly? maybe..
Botak..? too lame..
BOBI..? perfect..!! huhu
(bald and stinky and smelly..)

aPai said...

Bobi...? hahahaha. credit to faibo.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Apai,
may the geniuses be with you..

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