Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Chapter 151 - A Day Before Saturday & Sunday

my classmates and I planned to go to holiday months ago. It was set to be on 24th November. Everyone were excited; throwing ideas to do this and that during the 2 days 1 night holiday in Tanjung Bidara, Malacca. It was very energizing. Everybody were looking forward to that date. The idea was to go with all my Masters classmate, but some can't make it. even with few key persons missing, the trip was soo much fun. But that's that. I knew that something gonna happen when I'm going for vacation. Things that ring my bell are, during the MRSM Jasin's semester break, i was soo sick that i wasn't able to leave my bed. Syukri's wedding vacation also the same. Along's wedding vacation; my uncle involved in a terrible accident which killed his 2nd wife. And for this vacation, i tried my best to hush away any flu, fever or stomachache. Thankfully, none of those inflicted me, but Friday morning, my oldest brother caught in an accident. It was horrible. My mom called when i was at my workplace, and she sobbed. and I was, "Here we go..I knew my hunch was right. something surely gonna happen". She told me the horrible news but I was mentally prepared.

The accident was at 9 am..somewhere in Kluang. He hit a moving lorry from behind. Why he did that? because he slept..that's why! I did experience the same thing, luckily i just drove through an empty bus stop. But it was a different case here, he was submitted to Hospital Kluang. and since he needed to do the CT Scan, he was transferred to Hospital something-Aminah at JB. Those incompetent doctors and nurses didn't do anything at all. It furiated my mom and dad. They arrived at 4 pm and those so called doctors and nurses didn't even clean my brother up. The dried blood, mulut koyak, small pieces of shattered glasses in his hair and eye! even I who do not have a medical background can say that, those things can cause potential infections if it were to leave like that. I can't imagine what he'd gone through that 7 hours. So my dad transferred him to KPJ. A private hospital i guess... there he was treated as soon as he arrived. 10 stitches at his mouth, some cleaning, taking out all the glass in his eyes, scheduling a facial surgery on sunday. Everything.

I posted at my class forums mentioning about the accident. Everyone gave their kind words, wishing he'll be OK... and I'm so thankful to them. So I called my mom the night before saturday. She knew how bad i was planning for that holiday. She gave me the green-light. And that night i sleep soundly, but before that, praying to Allah so that my brother will be blessed..

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