Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Chapter 152 - The Saturday and Sunday

One of the best Saturday n Sunday. Went to Melaka with my friends. Having soo much fun. But, it's just like what people said, "time flies when you're having fun". That's right. The more fun, the quicker time flies. So, to sum up (<-- save my time also because no need to go into details, u guys bukan kenal pon these people), the journey started from Shah Alam where all my passangers are from there. breakfast there...somebody belanja, dunno who (<-- nasib dia la). arrived at RnR Seremban to meet up with one of the organizer (<-- I'm just a co-organizer). Then from there, we convoyed to exit toll Ayer Keroh so that the tuan rumah can fetch us and direct us to his house. Oh man...ayer keroh is soo different. last time i was there when i went and visit Qayum at MMU. Now, ada intersections and mini-highway.. soo buleh sesat.... OK, picture above is the one taken at Ayer Keroh toll. since my masters' classmates ada yg dah kawen, so they brought along their childrens and some brought their anak sedara..

When the tuan rumah arrived, we went to his house for free lunch. Kira open house yg terlambat...dah lepas syawal pon. Xkesah, janji free. Ada Sate, nasi briani gam, and dadih for dessert. Bila masing2 kenyang, we decided to continue the program after Dzuhur. So, around 3.30pm, we arrived at Tg Bidara Beach Resort. First of all, i've read the comments from the Internet. It was horrible, which I found true. but exactly, i can say that, the place is suitable for outgoing guest. meaning that, if you're looking for stay-in hotel, Tg Bidara is not the place. look somewhere else. It's not that comfy. Anyway, the time we're in the chalet was around the time we sleep and bath. that's all. the rest semua outdoor. OK, upon arriving, we straight went for futsal, which my team won. then continue on for some beach volleyball. The pic below is taken when i was about to serve.

My team also won this. Then some went back to get ready for dinner, and some dipped in the sea to cool off the heat (<-- that's me).

Dinner time. we decided to go to pengkalan balak instead of Umbai, which i found as a wrong one. not because the food, but the logistic and all. i'll tell u later. So, the food were ready on the table as we arrived. We were actually late by 15-30 minutes. so, ada yg dah sejuk...but that's ok. semua dah kebulur. we ate, but byk yg x abih. even i ate a bit. macam dah kenyang belasah briani siang tadi. afterwards, the girls and some guys nk explore bandar hilir. some other guys (<-- yg dah kawen ~ somehow including me) macam dah berat badan. yela...kami pon bukan muda lagi...cewah. So, after main tarik2 tali, most agreed to go. ada la 1 family yg balik chalet. this is what i mentioned about. supposely if we went to umbai, kalau nk singgah ke bandar hilir tu kira on the way back. so, rugi sket kat Umbai is said to have the best ikan bakar around. since malam tu malam minggu, traffic quite bizzarre la jugak. tapi kat dataran pahlawan tu ada parking spaces, and we parked there. sana, we took the liberty of visiting the infamous A Famosa. Some of us panjat the ruin uphill, church apa ntah.. (<-- if you remember chah, the one yg Ustat Din daki x guna tangga tu..that was and still hillarious to remembered). then ada yg naik beca but afterwards, we all went to kedai mamak and had a drink while watching Man U got beaten by Bolton (<-- DEM!). Not a great night for me.... anyway, after that we headed back to chalet.

Sunday morning starts with breakfast provided by the hotel. then straight to the beach. brenang sikit. then half-buried me under the sand (<-- why is it always me?). Then we played touch rugby which my team was beaten badly. Hahahaha... we sux at touch rubgy. Neway, we went into the swimming pool and swam around for about 1/2 hour. then we get ready to check-out. later, before lunch, we went to Taman Mini Asean, which was the first visit for me even i stayed at jasin for 2 years. OK, nothing much inside. most of the time waiting for those yg masuk each houses. Then we had our lunch there.. makan nasi ayam yg sgt sedap. still terliur kalau diingatkan.... so, after lunch ada yg balik sendri dan ada yg konvoi. Those yg konvoi adalah kami yg gerak dari shah alam. sampai SA around 5.30pm. Minum kat Hakim dulu... then baru berpisah.

Fuh...panjang jugak summary ni. anyway...that's that. we had soo much fun, and it's a shame that some of the classmates can't make it. plus we felt that it was so short holiday ~~~ next time we'll make it longer.


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