Thursday, April 26, 2007

Chapter 125 - Easy Surfer

elo.. right now I'm entering the final phase of my project. A little bit touch-up to the interface as well consultation from my brother regarding the output of my system. Well, he's a QA. Since I'm dealing with ISO and standard stuff, I might as well ask him. Though I'm bit busy, at least I'm not as pressured as I was last week. I was at a point where I can't sleep. Surely Apis Wicked'Pedia won't understand that, he's a sleep master and sleep monster. Hahahaha... So, I'm slowly cruising to finish up my degree. I'm 24 and yet not working. All my friends are having the pleasure of working 9-to-5 (<-- hahahaha :) ) and get their own money (<-- huhuhuhu :( ). To tell u a secret, I hate work. I guess I can't run from it....
Oh ya, forgot to mention bout the report that i need to submit this monday. Sigh~~~

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