Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Chapter 146 - Added Value

Helooooo..... i guess this might be one of the busiest week. Although my last paper was on last Sunday, but yet, I still have to go through another 2 presentations on this weekend. I haven't got time to watch movies I copied from my friend's HD. A LOT OF MOVIE lining, waiting and begging for my attention. But with work and assignments as well as exams... they just an appeal to me.

Oh yea... i started working last monday, not yesterday, but last week's Monday. So, that makes me an employed person. I work with a company which conducted the professional certificate program I took last May, and just before Raya, they called for an interview at Cyberjaya, which remind me the time I travelled from Gombak to Cyberjaya daily for 2 months during my Industrial Training. A bad memory indeed....So, about the new work, the title may sound cool ~ Technical Executive, but in Malay, we just call it 'juruteknik' or technician. The work requires me to travel bit, as for now I'm in Shah Alam doing lab installation at several comp labs there. Just last week I was in Puncak Perdana doing the same thing there. And starting tomorrow, I'll be handling stuff at UM. Might give me the opportunity to hang out with my Cocoro boys lot more often. Seriously, my body is aching from not playing basketball this past few weeks. So, as a contract worker, my termination will be on mid-Jan, and I hope the company offers me a new one. I heard the company got their hand on a new MoH tender. Otherwise, I'll try for another place.

So, I added a new feature to this blog. look at the very bottom of this page, and you'll see the video box. Actually, i just embedded it from YouTube, nothing much special there. OK, just got home from a presentation, changed my flat tyre... now I'm damn tired and sleepy.


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