Thursday, September 13, 2007

Chapter 142 - Funniest Ever

You think Simpsons is funny? THINK AGAIN. The best cartoon ever in the world is definitely the Family Guy. I used to watched Simpsons, and still watching... but nothing beats this cartoon. Some says cartoon is for kids or for fags. They are wrong! they are wrong.......

Simpsons or Futurama (which is better than simpsons) are from the same creator. The are more to typical slapstick joke. But the sarcasm in Family Guy is much entertaining. The stupidity beyond human can ever NOT think of. They have talking dog, talking baby, sex-addict neighbor and bunch of hillarious casts. Plus, it does not discriminate or biased to any religious, politic or race faction. It does not. They just punch holes on everyone of it. But, I might say that this cartoon can be insulting or not being sensitive to some viewers. Everyone got their own way to cope with that. FIY, this cartoon was aired in Msian TV, but the show was stopped after 2-3 episodes because its just "not suitable for Malaysian viewers". Who cares.... I downloaded all 6 seasons anyways. And you should too...

You know; what is not funny? HOTFM! Tell u this, my mom listens to radio when she's in kitchen, and when I'm driving, I always flipping the stations. And most of the time I hit the HotFM, the crap of Fara and Faizal stupid sideshows always on the air. The one when both DJ badmouthing each other. At first, it was bit funny as each other throws out facts that quite amusing like, sometimes Fara Fauzana didn't get her morning shower as she were late to the radio station. But, as time goes, the stupid sideshow getting lame, boring and burn-to-my-eardrum. I wish I can go to there, grab a microphone..ok, couple of microphones, and shove it in u know where.

Oh..Selamat berpuasa... ciao


rozhan said...

you know what is funny..?
and now..YOU KNOW!!!

thoyol said...

Nah.. Totally sucks.. FlyGuy is better.

rozhan said...

is that guy exist anymore?

aPai said... fly FM.

rozhan said...

mana ada laa..
flyguy da benti..
pagi2 dengar a phat fabes dgn roBEN bebel2..
tak bes langsung..

Anonymous said...


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