Sunday, June 10, 2007

Chapter 132 - CCNA

Alhamdulillah... last friday me along with my friends took the CCNA exam. It was a nerve-wrecking experience. Although it was only 53 questions, but the consequences made me worries. If I fail, surely it would be a gigantic waste. I can't afford to fail. The course was free, ditanggung dek Universitas tercinta along with the exam fee. Failing may prohibit one to retake the exam within 180 days, and the retake would cost you as you're not an academic student anymore. The good thing with Cisco is, when you pass the retake exam, you can claim the fees back. So, why bother with passing that exam when you afford to fail, retake and claim? Duh... mentally, i don't want to be left back among my peers; physically, i don't want to use my own money, and waste my time and youth for the retake exam.

So, i managed to score 949 which most of us got the same score.. dunno why. But it's OK as long as we passed. Although it was a joyous day, few of my friends didn't make it. It's definitely made the victory incomplete. When that happened, the best thing is to slide things away. No words can make up for their failure, so try not to console them or whatever. It's harsh but, they're no kids. They know the truth and the consequences. What i did was pray to Allah for their success in future. I thought Azee (<-- bkn nama sebenar) was among the "few friends" sebab dia buat muka ketat bila nak tangkap gambar, pastu blah saje... but i discovered that she passed but didn't manage to see her score. Sengal. She's always the moody one.

So now, i can put something in my resume beside my favorite food and drink. Hahahaah.. At least i have something i can halfly proud off... ye la... lulus pon ngan bantuan toyol berteknologi tinggi... don't misintepret me... xde nye aku bela toyol, cuma download je. hahahahah....

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