Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Chapter 128 - Sub-plots

To say goodbye....

I always have problem with saying goodbye. In fact, i hate goodbye. Since boarding school, i have really2 great friends. And since we stayed together for almost 2 years, being in the same dormitory and classes, laugh and cry; to depart is something that I find hard to do. Same goes when I was in UTM for diploma. For 3 years we developed such great friendship, overcome problems and having fun... and when the time comes, we sayed our goodbye. I've only met few of my ex-schoolmates since we're graduated and some still in touch... thanks to YM.

Well, to be honest, the 1st time I stepped into my degree class, I thought I'm going to have hard time to get friends like I had during my school and UTM years. But, I was wrong. Since I'm kind off special case, my classes are mixed. So, I got friends with the same age, 1 year younger and 2 years younger. Kinda like 3 batches at the same time. They're magnificent friends. I would never regret that I made the decision to study here. It's always fun with them, especially with the 3rd group. They never treat me like a brother though... just like pure friend. And I never emphasize on things like that.

Well, my 3 years of degree here is almost near its end. Just few days more. I just hope, we do better than I did with my ex-schoolmates. Once in few weeks, we hang out to catch movies or playing futsal.. or whatever...

You guys are the greatest!!!

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