Sunday, April 22, 2007

Chapter 124 - Bald and Ugly II

~~sigh~~ tomorrow's the first day of the xm. I'm still half confident whether I can get A for it or not. Still didn't finish the study. I'm the 'last minute' type of guy. It's been like that ever since I'm in school. But, say... for what...17 years of schooling (plus the University), I've always get away with the 'last minute' thing. Recently, I started my Final Year Project which I'm supposed to start it by the start of this semester. Guess what... here come Mr Last Minute. I also don't have much confident in my project becos the system is quite simple, but Mr Dregern tought me the superb-answer to the questions or any doubt by the examiners regarding my project.. which is, "The suggested system is a is not in my project's scope". hahahaha... Thanx dude. I'm gonna use it wisely.
So, ok... with the exam tomorrow, I having hard time to cope. Yesterday, I went to watch Manchester game against Boro. yeah, the game end with 1-1 draw. it's quite dissappointing. The first half, I just can't concentrate watching the game. My body was there at the mapley, but my head thinking hard about the chapters that I haven't covered yet. So I decided to leave at the half time. But, it's not solely because of that....

I hate anything that goes with Chelsea. The club, manager, players, car stickers, fans, etc. To the Chelsea fan reading this blog....Shut the hell up!

There got this fellow, who is a Chelsea fan. Aku mmg cukup meluat dgn mamat nih. This fellow macam ada note tampal kat badan dia tulis, "Mari pukul saya". Sangat bising macam gampang. I dont care if you're a Chelsea fan, Arsenal fan, or even ManU fan... be professional la bro. At least respect others. The time when Richardson scored, the score sign still showed 0-0. He laughed so hard thinking that the goal was denied. Maybe it was an offside. But seconds later, the score sign changed to 1-0, mamat tu diam je... Muka dah la buruk, ada hati nak bising2... sempat jugak aku snap gambar dia guna V3X aku... tapi gambar x clear sangat la...


izahAhmad said...

gud luck exam my friend :D

aPai said...

Thanks Doc...hehehe... i'm more worry about the project. xm only 2 papers.

AmMar said...

haha..dun worry pai..may force be with us.!~ ALL THE BEST!~ Go for mASter!! yeah~

:: a.M.m.A.r ::

chah said...

hahhahahahaha LOL guling2... mmg tak clear la gambar tu, but i have little bit of idea how he looks like LOL!!

btw, good luck exam n project!

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