Thursday, July 26, 2007

Chapter 138 - Dream, Is Just A Dream

Remember when we're young... 1st Grade or in 2nd; when teacher asked what we want to be.... well, i didn't remember clearly what was my answers. But I do remember writing 'police' and 'doctor' on that piece of paper. At that age, most popular answers are posmen, polis, ahli bomba... Hahahah, i bet none of them become one. So, it changed when i was 15. Cikgu tingkatan 1 asked the same question, but without pronouncing it slowly (<-- like talking to small children just so they can catch what you're saying). Well, i answered that i want to become a Chairman of an organization. What organization? I dunno... it might be some toilet bowl company...who knows... Then, when I was 17, my homeroom teacher asked the same question, and I told him that I want to become a lawyer or an IT expert. The answer gave my Homeroon teacher a bit of headache, since he was there to give advise on my career move. He told, lawyer and IT are both on different page...even on different books. He told to choose, i didn't, but the later one did choose me (<-- cewah... macam wand pilih wizard lak...)

It's not like i regret or something, but i envy doctors. I think i make a good doctor, but since i didn't study hard, i didn't become one. Doctors have the knowledge that are given upmost respect by people. I love watching movies or dramas about doctor, such as..
  • House
  • Greys Anatomy
  • Scrubs
  • Dr Koto
  • Kirakira Kenshui ~ the sparkling intern
  • Nurse Aoi
  • Team Medical Dragon
  • dan byk lagi...

Ah..if anyone ada drama2 cenggini do notify me. Maybe bleh swap ka..pinjam pastu buat harta ka...


izahAhmad said...

saya layan greys anatomy. season 3 tak habis lagi. gila lambat hehehehe

chah said...

Most fofular ambition at age 7/8 among girls are.. pramugari, peragawati and penyanyi.. ;p and u're right, i havent seen any of them become one.. at least not yet :P hihi

rozhan said...

saya saya saya..
saya nak jadi saintis..<-gempak tak?
keh keh keh..
bengong punya time zaman kecik..
ada ke nak jadi saintis..
masa form 5..
saya nak jadi pakar forensik<-pengaruh CSI a ni..
in the end tak jadi pape pun..adeih..

Anonymous said...


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