Saturday, December 01, 2007

Chapter 154 - Final Day at 405

Suddenly ada feeling2 nk post pagi ni. It is the last day for me at 405. Actually, last day for us here. i'm here with ammar, apis n faibo. after menyewa for almost 2 1/2 years, the tenature ends today. now we're waiting for our landlord to come, just before that, i steal some time to post. Last night, we went to play badminton at HEP. it was my first time playing there. facility is great, highly maintained and all. lantai lembut, so no worries kalau jatuh. but luckily x sape nk dive amik bola net. but, it is refreshing to sweat after quite some time. Sebok keje beb.

planned to play with my classmates, but only few came... ok la...organize last minute punya cerita

our dedicated ketua darjah (most right). he's the one making almost everything happen.

After badminton, ammar, faibo n me went to tepi lombong sek 7. also the first for us. never been there although tiap2 hari lalu. lepak sana until 3 am just sembang2, kutuk2 and reminiscense the good times.

woke up this morning, gosok gigi then went to HAKIM for breakfast. i just hope that it is not the last for us to gather. after this surely susah nk jumpa... but we'll try to catch up and meet once in a while.

Had a cup of tea o suam

bye 405. i'm gonna remember u and all of our moment together.

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