Monday, August 06, 2007

Chapter 139 - Drifting

yep...still jobless. Guess all my friends having great time working. Aren't they? Hahahaha.. as for me, it's not like i'm avoiding geting job, but stuff i have to deal at home is pretty much similar as working full time. Plus, the lecturers from my masters' classes really give us something to keep us busy during the weekdays. Assignments after assignments....*sigh*...

The idea of grouping is to well delegate tasks among members, but since i'm the jobless one, most of the back end task, i did it alone. Task like compiling, prepare ppt, writing reports... Adeh... Tamau komplen lebih.... it's suppose to be fair, but i'm quite busy being a jobless... (<-- how's that possible?). U guys just don't know. The chores around the house is pretty much daunting. Kena gi bayar bill la... drive my mom to visit my bro la... going to my aunts hse la... family dinner la... Actually, i didn't have much time with my beloved PCs. Aiyooooo... sooo busy..

Oh ya, i've uploaded new song. By Solomon Burke; Don't give up on me. Kekadang layan soul ngan blues pon ok gak....


rozhan said...

ya aku faham..
bila tak bekerja..
pastu kena duduk rumah..
dengan kelayakan mempunyai lesen kenderaan..
kami penganggur inilah yang akan menjadi driver 24/7 dirumah..
tukang bayar bil..tukang amik dan hantar anak sedara dan kakak ke sekolah..
hantar mak ke bank ke blablabla..
takpe apai..aku faham..aku faham..keke

aPai said...

bojan jugak yg paham.... kehkehkeh.. ang da masuk list kawan yg memahami...

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