Friday, November 23, 2007

Chapter 150 - Cheers

alhamdulillah... after 3 years of hardship, finally it ended in a beautiful convocation ceremony yesterday. the friends i made, along with sad, fun, happy, makan hati.. all those feelings and memories, i won't trade it for anything. i remembered 3 years ago, Zaza drove me in the iswara hapak (skrg tidak lagi), thanks to the leaky aircond. That time haram jadah aku tatau jalan kat dalam university, so dad asked Zaza to give me some tour guide since she studied there. So, i went all over the places due to the university's crappy birocracy policies. Ye la...nk daftar pon abis satu U aku round, macam masuk explorace plak, padahal nk letak nama aku dalam database je. Even saman pon 2-3 tempat kena pegi utk settlekan. Sigh*. Anyway, i begged for hostel and got it. Heheheh...using the excuse of 1st time being there and also i was a graduate of other U. The guy gave me a room which he claimed 'baekkk punya bilik'. Why? because it is located strategically overlooking the route where siswi use to go to cafe, restaurant and class. Nice huh... well lemme tell u, boys always be boys. especially boys in my dormitory. Those people are much gersang and jakun towards girls just because they are in the military boys. And i dunno how much trend it is for them, but most of them own vespa which is the ultimatum of noise and shitty morning sleep for me. Hate them and their vespa.

Anyway, i met new friends, but still blur and all. I dunno which subject to be taken, and cost me a year of study. but despite that, i met more friends, a batch of guys 2 years younger than me. They are fun to be with and as people says, 'being with young makes you young'... that's what i did. there i was, for 3 years. And lemme tell you, final year project aint easy if you are a procrastinator like i am. i nearly repeat the final semester, and with 2 weeks of full force, i managed to dodge the repetition. Actually it's kinda suck that we're not graduating together... i got friend whom supervisor got mixed up and unable to finish that semester even though he passed his project. Sian ngko... also, friends yg repeat semester, they'll be graduating next year.... to those yg still need to repeat the final semester, i wish you all the best.



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chah said...

kawan ko ke nih crescenet nih hehe

chah said...

nway, congrats on ur graduation!

Anonymous said...

congrats on ur graduation too..

aPai said...

nope...crescenet is not my fren.just a spammer.

neway, anonymous ~ sabarlah menanti. sem depan x lama je lagi...

Anonymous said...

aku rasa aku tak konvo kut..
cam bazir duit je..
baik aku pinjam jubah sesape..
pastu bergambar dengan keluarga..
dah jimat duit, masa dan tenaga..

sEr|OuSLy {aPai} said...

ala...jgn la camtu. ko konvo kang aku datang. sian lak biskut, bun n emi. xkan nk derang naik pentas sorang2

Anonymous said...

diorg bukan sorg..
diorg ber3..
nanti aku cakap a dgn mak aku..
mesti dia faham punya a..
betapa "sayang"nya aku dengan uitm..
nak abiskan duit utk bayar konvo..
takpe a..susah susah aje..
cukuplah aku bayar duit ihsan utk yuran 1 sem..

Anonymous said...


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