Thursday, June 14, 2007

Chapter 133 - No Regret

I'm doing my last post from the beloved "umah sewa". Currently, i'm packing up my stuff and i realized that i don't have that much stuff here. Beside my clothes, books, PC... i don't think i have anything left to pack. *sigh*... hate to depart. While packing up, i put on my 'Honey & Clover' songs which includes various of positive songs also some sad one. dem! (<-- ayat cenkoi)

Actually, this house has a new member... Bro Sopi.. Honestly speaking, he's a clean freak. I thought the 'lembut' kind of guy is the clean freak... but i was wrong. he made the house cleaner in few days than what we, the existing members did in 2 years, accumulately. Kenapa la bro x masuk awal2... Cet!! Neway, wanna wish the future household all the best in future. Apis, gudluck with yer project. Midi, hopefully not to tangled-up with yer GF... otherwise cepat2 kawen. Faibo, no comment! Hahahah... marah lak faibo. No lah... faibo, "take care" of apis... hahahahahahaah..

Well, just got my last semester result. quite fair la... considering the last minute deal i pulled near the end of that semester. And the most important... i managed to tell my dad bout it, and he seems fine with it. Phew! I was afraid that i will get another lecture from him.

So.. ok. I bid my farewell, i'm gonna miss this place.. although i'm going to be here next semester for my post graduate study. I'll be here, not as a tenant, but as a freeloader to be exact. Hehehehe..


Faibo said...

"take care od apis??" ya..ya.. thats so true i will. huhuhu.. mayB Mr. Sopi will.. hahaha.. same type, same like! Nyway, gudluck 2 u bro.. mayB somday we will continue our Thomas Cup n d Dotas again.. peace upon u. nice 2 meet u A-merican-PAI!

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