Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Chapter 281 - Eid Mubarak

Salam Eid Mubarak.

My Aidilfitri was not as I planned. Fahim went down with fever and it kept us on our toes for 3 days. Pergi hospital dan balik dengan keputusan yang sama. Demam yg biasa untuk kanak-kanak, sangat dijangka. But as parent, of course we always blow things out of proportion. Especially when we find the temperature went over 38 Celsius. I dont think the nursery is good for Fahim. He tends to come home with some sort of illness every 2 weeks. Plus I dont think the nursery is compliance to the JKM's guideline. It suppose to have a healthy air circulation, not cooped in a closed hall. Yeah, a hall. there is no partition or room. Just a hall, with baby rugs covering the marble tiles, and air-cond blasting full-force. That is one of the reason I believe. They should change the air-cond filter more often as it might catch and trap the bacterias, hence giving an unhealthy air quality. This kind of setup might be normal for corporation's nursery. But to expect this from a health institution. Poor them.

Anyway, just a good wishes to all for a happy Eid.

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