Saturday, February 23, 2013

Chapter 277 - Short on Legs


It is raining outside. 30 minutes more to head out for work. And I'm listening to Jamie Cullum's remake of What a Difference a Day Made. Don't blame me if I'm feeling a bit mushy and mellow. I'm away from my wife and son, and I miss them dearly. For some reason, I have this mixed feeling about moving out. Wife is working in KL and it is easier for her to get to work from Kota Damansara, but it is 50 km from my work place. Commute back and forth for me is getting tiring. I just wonder and baffled on how insufficient a public transport to and from Cyberjaya.. or even Putrajaya. I just feel that while the state administration and government offices are located in Putrajaya, we should have some sort of MRT or LRT going there. Not an option for me and maybe for some to go by the RM 9 per trip from KL Central to Putrajaya over the ERL. It is just too expensive. Plus, Cyberjaya will be overflow with offices in future, due to the spaces and infrastructure offered. Meaning to say, a lot of people will work in these 2 neighboring cities in future. This should be made into the city planning, I hope. Well, a short one this time. Gotta work!

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