Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chapter 276 - Internet

Moving requires lots of money, time and energy. I'm just drained out from what I consider as a 'soft' moving. As mentioned before, my family and I are moving out from Kota Damansara. Our temporary loft is in Puchong. Yes, we're renting the place. I was skeptical on the location earlier. This was due to the fact that my eldest brother used to live there, and it was not the place nor the environment I am looking for (no disrespect). Contributing reasons are the apartment was poorly maintained, surrounding area and the density. But, after series of surveys and visits, this part of Puchong is totally different that my brother's. What is more, the place is very secured, superbly maintained, cozy and secluded.

Funny thing was, when I was busying myself looking for a place especially via or, most of the pictures provided are the pictures of swimming pool. I wonder on whether they assume that we decide on the place based on swimming pool? Or do they assume we are going to sleep in the pool? What I want the most is to have clear picture on what's inside, whether there is a kitchen cabinet, how the layout looks like, the spacing and etc.

Now that's done, we got ourselves our own furniture. Very basic indeed, as we are not intend to splash on everything. We are after all running on a tight budget. Internet access is compulsory! There are 3 major players in fiber to home service. We have Unifi, Maxis FTH and TIME FTH. We do have another package coming in from Astro which is Astro IPTV, but they are using TIME's infra. I would like to subscribe to the Astro IPTV, but the place don't have the infra ready yet. I might save RM50 if that the case (IPTV subscription is RM240 which includes 10Mbps and Astro Beyond). On separate bill, Astro bill is RM140 and Internet bill is RM150. In fact, everyone there are still on Astro SD. Then I shifted my interest to Maxis. 10Mbps at RM148, again I was disappointed by the fact that the place is yet to be covered. My only choice is Unifi. 5Mbps at RM147 (after auto-billing).

Internet installed yesterday. The day before, I got a call claiming they are doing a survey. She asked me on my Internet access I had before while I was in Gombak. I told her, that has been terminated. She then asked on current connectivity status. Told her that Unifi is coming the next day to install. She asked where, and I told her in Puchong. Survey done. 5 minutes later, I received an email from TM saying that installer will come in 6 days to install Unifi for address in Puchong. The username registered is the same as the one I used while I was in Gombak (I'm using different username for the one in Puchong). Meaning to say that the asshole who called me for the 'survey' purposely registered me for another Unifi subscription. I had to go over the trouble to call the TM and straight things up. Reseller punya tahi, Customer Support kena bersihkan. To TM, jangan bagi kuasa lebih pada reseller ni. Xpasal kelak CS kena maki. Nasib dapat aku yang sopan santun.

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