Saturday, January 12, 2013

Chapter 275 - Working on Weekend

Not so great huh! While friends are having good time on Saturday Sunday, I have to work. Darn it. That is the nature of those who works in support line. We work in shift and odd hours. The only benefit is that we only work half the month. We also getting a relief week, i might say. Per example, this week I work 5 days, Monday Tuesday Friday Saturday and Sunday. But coming week I'll work only on Wednesday and Thursday. Sweet right?

I have been working in support for 3 years now. And as I see this, support won't stay in Malaysia for long, and so I am. I'm not intended to be in this line for long. Now they shift the attention to other country. Most favorable is India because they produced a lot of IT savvy graduates, mediocre to good English and cheap labor. Who knows in future with political stabilization over countries like Indonesia or Philippines, Malaysia will no longer be the place to setup a support center. Cheaper labor and good English speaking should make the equation simpler. The favors are still in ours because we still relatively cheap (although increasing steadily) and geographically safe.

I'll make my mark to get as much technical knowledge as I can before that happen. My next stop is to get certification in management, in Network Design and become a Network Consultant. That'll surely rake in lots of money. Hehehe.

Should take up server's line instead. Sigh.

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