Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Chapter 284 - Why Celcom, Why?

So freaking pissed with this telco. Shitload.

Almost 2 months back, my wife received a bill amounting RM1000. This bill was separated from the monthly bill for a reason. Surprised, she called the customer service and lodge a report. Days later she called again for progress and the only explanation she received was the charge is upon her contract breach. Now we got more confused. She stated that, not in her knowledge she breach the contract. She only upgraded her iPhone 4 to iPhone 5. Package upgrade included of course. We urged them to investigate further.

We called almost once a week, because we get the idea that calling everyday would not give us the answer we seek; as every time we called, the answer always 'in progress'. A month passed, we received 2 bills again. Somehow I noticed the differences in account number, even for the same phone number. I called again for confirmation, and I found out that there are 2 accounts registered under my wife's number. One has been disconnected, and the other still active. Now, you can pretty much guess which account is being billed with the penalty.

3 days ago, my wife received a letter from a lawyer firm representing Celcom urging us to settle the penalty within 7 days or further legal action will be taken. Now I started to get so pissed. I went to Celcom branch in Jalan Ampang. Note: Don't go to HQ in Jalan Tun Razak. There only got their bigshots and they don't entertain over the counter customer.

Met a customer executive, and she said that my wife is being billed because she disconnect the account within contract period. I raised my concern to the executive as below:

1) Why is there a contract breach? The iPhone 4 was purchased on 8th June 2011 and the iPhone 5 was somewhere in middle of July 2013. Does it make any sense that if the purchase is on 8th June, the contract ended on middle of July 2 years later?

2) With mine and wife's phone, no such disconnect is needed when upgrading the plan or package. My wife had upgraded her normal plan to iPhone 4 plan before; and mine from Samsung Galaxy S plan to Samsung Galaxy S3. All without the need to disconnect. Why now?

3) Who did the disconnect? Celcom BlueCube in Kota Damansara or Celcom Exclusive in Curve? I suspected the earlier due to bad experience we had with them, and this might their vengeance to us. But later I learned that this was done by the latter party.

4) We didn't authorize any disconnect. Does it make any sense to disconnect a number then registering the same number again? Why the hassle? Have any proof and signature of allowing such activity?

The executive explained to me that these kind of dealer always finding ways to get the commission by registering new user. Hence, the trick of disconnect a number and registering it again. This is kind of bullshit and shouldn't be allow to happen in future. They are raking in money with the expense of the telco's name and reputation. Telco should closely monitor and set policies on how they should operate. Her advice is to come over again with the contract and proof of purchase at the outlet as they will expedite to their head of service.

Yang melayu (BlueCube) membohong lebih, yang cina (Exclusive) gila duit nak tiaw je. Menyusahkan orang.

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