Monday, January 07, 2013

Chapter 274 - New Year 2013

Wow.. just wow. Looking back, my last update was somewhere around April 2012. Almost a cycle of lunar calendar there. So many things can be shared, yet I failed to put them to words. I'm afraid that this might become a yearly post. Poor my 4 followers. Hahaha..

New year, new beginning. As to date, my awesome adorable son, Fahim is turning to a year and 3 months young. A lot of work out for me there, while chasing him around the house and malls. So many things can't be done casually with my wife such as movies, dating, spontaneous holiday, karaoke and etc. All need to put Fahim into consideration. Above all, it is a blessing. Not all parent being blessed with this gift. For that, we are so thankful.

Stepped into 2 years of marriage, and we are not getting younger. I envy my friends actually. Same age, yet they have their own properties, while I'm gaining liabilities. Well, I do have an apartment, but I am too proud to say that I have enough. I always wanted to have our own landed property. A place where my wife and I to settle down. I wish 2013 will be good to us. Same goes to the years coming!

End of this month, my wife and I will move to our own place. A baby step requires for a giant leap. I am in a hassle to set things up, and hopefully will benefits us tremendously.

Well, will update soon. Hopefully not on another year! =D

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