Saturday, January 27, 2007

Chapter 114 - That's Funny

Great weather here in Shah Alam. I love Saturday sooo much. Woke up at 11 this morning, it's not bad~ considering that I slept at 4 o'clock. Well, I've been doing it in frequent manner lately. Hidup dah macam kelawar. Still, I can't beat my housemate (<-- apiz; bukan nama sebenar). He can sleep through the day, wake-up to eat and continue sleeping. He deserved the 'slowpoke' title afterall. Oh wait... I think he is one....

Did I mention that he got the worst puns? Ohhh yes. The other day, my friends and I were discussing some sex issues (<-- fullstop there). Then, the topic shifted from sex to computer-related stuff (<-- how's that possible? Who knows). Suddenly, during the discussion about hard-disk and processors, like a punch to the bowel, he said, "Orang negro punya 'tu' panjang"..... *DONG!!!*...... We laughed so hard and my eye burst in laughing tears.


johnwucharlene said...

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Faibo said...

kejam ko pai.. sian dia.. hueh3

Ammar Abd. Halim said...

Apai..apai..kasihan sungguh kucing itu..

:: a.M.m.a.R ::

Ammar Abd. Halim said...

Apai..apai..kasihan sungguh kucing itu..

:: a.M.m.a.R ::

Anonymous said...


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