Saturday, January 06, 2007

Chapter 111 - Welcome 2007, 2006; You Sucks!

Well, it's kinda late to wish someone Happy New Year. Well, I'm not celebrating it as usual.... But, it's a nice gesture to wish someone, so, Happy New Year (<-- or Hepi Neu Yer.... Saw it somewhere on the net. Kesian... Kurang fasih mengeja). Ok, with new year, one thing always asked by people around you, "Apa azam tahun baru?". Naik berdarah gegendang telinga dengar orang tanya soalan tu berulang2 kali. To be honest, people don't give crap for other people's resolution. Mine? World domination. Muahahahaha....

I'm in my most fragile moment. Food poisoning, flu, fever. These trio seems like having crush on me these few weeks. I thought, it is caused by lack of exercise, so I went on playing basket. Nothing happened. So I keep on stuffing myself with paracetamol, clarinase, pil Cik It Teck Aun and soluble. Still, nothing changed. Since I don't want too many drugs in my system, I stopped taking meds. Hopefully, these trio will shaked off soon. Kelas pon dah nak start, I can't afford to be sick. Being sick will encourage me to ponteng class. That's happened a lot before.

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