Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Chapter 113 - Turn The Tide

Latest picture taken from Stade de Shah Alam. I noticed that I never put my picture in here. It's always pictures of things and stuff. Well, for those who don't really know me, I'm sitting right behind that goofy looking fellow in his Ireland T. So, I was blocked and technically I wasn't in the picture. Also this picture was taken with my V3X.
Well, the trip to Stade de Shah Alam is considerally worth though Malaysia failed to secure their 1 goal lead and end up draw with Singapore. Why? Shame to admit, this is my first experience going to ball game. As much I love football, this is the first live competitive match. Others are Liga Kelas dari Tingkatan 3 Sekolah Kebangsaan Seri Gombak and some football games at Padang depan HKL which is located right next to Jalan Tun Razak. So, when I caught in traffic during my drive home from UTMKL, I wasn't bored at all. OK, Malaysia football team did show some promising and hopefully not a fake hope that "we" will rise again di persada sukan bolasepak Asean. We used to run, fall, try to get up, failed and now we slowly crawl. It's OK. Nobody can go straight do jumping jack or summersault from the ground. Therefore, we should be there for them. Root for them. Hopefully, they can win on their upcoming game at Singapore.

Malaysia Bulehhh!!!!

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