Thursday, January 04, 2007

Chapter 110 - Summary II

Sorry for the long pause. So, OK, after the wedding, thanks to uncles and aunts, there's not much to cleanup. Since diorang ringan tangan, xde la aku sibuk2 sangat mengemas rumah; unless kalau ada kerja2 mengangkat benda2 berat (<-- mcm gagah je aku!). Anyway, after all the relatives went back, the house is bit quiet. And I was bit boring at the time. But not for long, 2 days later, my whole family went to Famosa Resort in Malacca. Some sort of pre-honeymoon to the couple. Of course they won't do anything there, if you know what I mean. The bungalow is humongus and with the number of my family members, there are still room for others. OK, at first I thought that the vacation would be boring because there's basically nothing much to do or to go there, but there are. What frustrates me were, 1st, we have to pay for most of the things there; and 2nd, the breakfast provided by the resort were SUCKs!
There, we visited the cowboy town which is one of the attraction there beside the water world. But as I said, we have to pay for most of the things there. There's no free rides there. So OK, dpt admittance ticket pon free. Plus the fireworks were great and being there with family, is priceless. (<-- ceh mcm Credit card punya iklan lak).
Last time I went there was on '99 when I got the fake chicken pox. Those yg kat Jasin surely remember the pox. Lucky for me, I was also diagnosed as chicken pox along with my friends although I'm not having it. But, because of that, I managed to stayed at the same class after the term re-opened (<-- same goes to pinky). That day, my parent pick me up at school and went to the resort because my father got this golf game. I thought it's gonna be a good get-away for me, but I was sleeping the whole time because of the high fever. Not so lucky heh?

Anyway, that's all. Suddenly I ran out of idea. Hahahaha

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