Sunday, February 03, 2008

Chapter 165 - Show Me

Not long ago, i read somewhere in the newspaper regarding the lack of attention of Msian Media over local sports. In newspaper, the focus is all over the foreign sports coverage. Especially in football. It infuriates the media as the accusation a bit harsh, but later on, someone from the berita harian admitted that the news of foreign sports sells, and they just fulfilling the needs of the readers. I'm one of them. So does everyone. it's true actually, most of us prefer english football than local football. i even can list the full squad of my favorite football team ~ Man U... including the subs and reserve. also, able to at least named a player from each team in EPL or La Liga. But when it came to local football team, i failed to do so. same goes to most of us. So, what the heck is going on here? why such phenomenon occurs? Local lads doesn't even know their own local football team? What went wrong?

With our national ranking thrown into the pit of shame - the worst ever for us ~ #165, it's kind of shame that our football squad which once feared over the continent becoming nobody. below is list of solutions i came out with.

1. A picture worth a thousand words
the quality of coverage must be improved. even main macam sampah pon, make it as if the match is world-class. the photos i mean.... get the best shot with the best camera. you know what i mean by comparing between these pictures :

sekali imbas, u should recognize which photo taken from EPL and Liga Super. if it is hard to tell, lemme give u hints, Msian photo is recognized by the bad pixel which is probably taken by a disposable camera and also, the fan or supporter is almost none in the background. u might questioned the outcome of this solution, ye la... apa guna kalau gambar cantek tapi main mcm budak tadika... i agree, but at least, when u flip the pages in the sport section, the picture surely gonna catch your eye and get your attention. something need to start at somewhere, right?

2. Start our own sport channel(s)
It sucks when I want to watch my national representatives' matches and there is no single channel showing it. in argentina, even matches yg bertaraf felda pon ditayang di TV, tahap main kat padang koyak punya. Actually there are several sport channels in Argentina. So no wonder they can afford to do so. So, why we don't have one? Astro kan bersepah free channels, sampai nk krem jari tekan butang 3 angka. we should have one. 24-7 showing local sport news and live-match if any. Last time when our badminton squad went to Korea Open, Japan Open, etc.. I can only get the results through Berita jam 8... even though the matches are in the morning. spend la sket govt money utk buat live coverage, kata nk martabatkan sukan negara, xkan xleh spend juta2 ringgit untk masa depan sukan national? X kesah la kalah ke menang, at least i can support my national team on the spot. even xde live pon, show classic matches... zaman2 mokhtar dahari, kasi penonton teruja sikit.

3. Animate our sport
to be honest, the thing that honed my interest in playing basketball was and still Slam Dunk. the japanese manga didn't just inspire me alone, but world-wide readers. ask those yg men basketball kat M'sia if they know the manga. surely they do. In Msia also got good cartoonist, manga-kun or illustrator. have them to produce an inspiring sport-based mangas/comics. buat la yg menarik sket, yg ada jalan cerita. kalau buat bangang2 pon xde sape nk baca nnt.

4. Sport dramas/movies
same with my #3 point, produce a drama based on sport. gol n gincu is not sport drama. it's just another teen-flick. bukan nk kata u cannot mix love and sport...u can, but the mixture must correct and strictly following the theme. kalau nk buat cerita sukan, do so full-heartedly.. jgn tunjuk main futsal 2-3 minit, pastu make-up, dating n gaduh 45 minit. macam drama H2, pasal high-school baseball. ada jugak cintan-cintun, tapi berkadaran dgn msg yg nk disampaikan. somemore, movies mcm wimbledon n goal. we can also produce such movies apa..... oh, cuci dinding bangunan bukan sukan OK! forget that one.

5. Supportive parent
one thing i noticed, not many parents in Msia support their kid to do sport, or at least going far in sport. i saw many talented football player in my batch during my school years, but the reality teaches us that academic bring in money, not sport. so, these friends of mine stop playing and concentrating on studying. well, first, it is partially wrong. byk ahli sukan yg kaya raya, but the parent only sees the failure perspective, not the success one. for example, apa akan terjadi kepada player yg dah bersara. without monthly paycheck, what he/she gonna feed their family. or what happened when the player forced to retired due to the injury half-way? stop thinking the down-side for a moment. if your kid talented, then let them to be someone they really can be. ada problem pulak bila parent xtau anak2 dia berbakat. never aware of their children sporting abilities. to parent, please be more concern. be more supportive. parent di US dtg tgk anak2 main sukan, support giler babi padahal, parent Msia sibuk carik duit. byk parent di England yg mahukan anak2 derang jadi player bolasepak, padahal kita pulak ramai yg nakkan anak2 jadi doktor. abih tu, kalau semua jadi doktor, sape nk main bola? betul x?

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