Thursday, February 28, 2008

Chapter 168 - New Sweetheart

no kidding, i was given this new (not that new, by the way) laptop by my employer. Bye-bye Toshiba Satellite M100, and welcome Compaq Presario F700. some of my new colleagues are bit jealous of my fortune. well, they should. i came in at the right time as they just bought this laptop. if previously i adored the 'harman/kardon', now i'm satisfied with 'altec lansing'. why did i exaggerate such matter when i'm not that 'boom-bang' kind of guy? i even put on headphone while using the laptop. dunno laa. maybe that's just my laptop's benchmark. my brother will start working next week, so i need to return his laptop. such memorable period..... sigh...

oh.. i should mention this first. i'm employed now. so qayyum, change my link to 'aPai not jobless anymore'. hahaha. well to tell u the truth, i sworn not to work here anymore. and as u get confuse over my statement, i used to work with this company. remember the temporary job i did last year. yeah, the one at Sabak bernam and few other locations in KL. the same company, but not the same project. i'm involved in different project now. a pilot project. i cant tell much about it as it is confidential. it's all good, except for the Gombak-Cyberjaya commuting. Soooo daunting. plus, i was bit light-headed and flu'ish the whole week. i think i spread the virus over the office as i heard colleagues started to sneezes here and there. hopefully i can make myself useful here. there's no better place for me to achieve my vision than being a project team. although i bit lacking in technical parts (consider i forgot everything i learned in University), i am lucky to be trusted on this project. i'll be supervising site when everything is in it places.

My cubicle still looks boring. baru satu minggu... i forced myself to hang this piece of assignment given by my boss, and that's all. maybe i can start by bringing pillows and blanket, and my sister's teddy bear. anyway, jahanam btol pengurusan bangunan ni. air-cond exactly open at 9 am and closed at 5.30 pm. outside that period, panas.

ok. im out. ciao.

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